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W. BOER and a very thick (d 2 > Ln) p-type base which is not protected from surface recombination at the back electrode. The set of solution curves is plotted in Fig. 19 for open circuit conditions. 10- 5 cm (see arrow 6rt top for emphasis) in order to show the behaviour in the bulk, which contains several interesting features. 2 FIG. VES FOR AN a-Si IN FIG. 16 HOWEVER, FOR LOW COMPENSATION (Ndl = 1016 CM -3) WITH THE TOTAL CURRENT AS FAMILY PARAMETER FOR J = 0,-10, 13, -15 AND -18 mA/cm 2FOR CURVES 1-5 RESPECTIVELY 37 SOLAR CELL THEORY 24, C ...

Igqing the cell geometry radically. cause of grid shading from the top' * More efficient solar cells ar. produced by making the region of major generation of minority carriers . ion length. which is responsible for cariercollection. 0 suns [16] and recently 27% at 900 suns [2]. 46 K. BOER electrode. ction is lost because of recombination at the extended back contact. Both losses can be eliminated or substantially reduced by alternatingly providing carrier collection via small n+ and p+ type "dots" at the back-side of the device [15J with alternating metal contacts, as shown schematically in Fig 6+.

_. CROSS-SECTION; B:BAND MODEL OF A npp+Si SOLAR CELL AFTER FAHRENBRUCH AND BUBE [4]. 2 mm) cell to absorb most of the active height in the solar spectum (after using light trapping by appropriately structuring the surfaces). The geometry and band model of a typical npp~ -Si solar cell* is shown in Fig. 3. Sufficient doping of the base is necessary to permit a large open circuit voltage (the majority ~uasi-Fermi le~el for holes is then shifted close to the valence band-edge). In addition, a large lifetime of minority carriers is necessary to move the quasi-Fermi level for electrons close LATEST.

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