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This textbook in element set topology is aimed toward an upper-undergraduate viewers. Its light velocity might be precious to scholars who're nonetheless studying to jot down proofs. necessities comprise calculus and no less than one semester of study, the place the scholar has been correctly uncovered to the guidelines of easy set conception similar to subsets, unions, intersections, and capabilities, in addition to convergence and different topological notions within the actual line. Appendices are incorporated to bridge the space among this new fabric and fabric present in an research path. Metric areas are one of many extra typical topological areas utilized in different parts and are for that reason brought within the first bankruptcy and emphasised through the textual content. This additionally conforms to the process of the ebook first of all the actual and paintings towards the extra common. bankruptcy 2 defines and develops summary topological areas, with metric areas because the resource of proposal, and with a spotlight on Hausdorff areas. the ultimate bankruptcy concentrates on non-stop real-valued services, culminating in a improvement of paracompact areas.

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1. A subset K of the metric space (X, d) is said to be compact if every open cover of K has a finite subcover. We mention that the term “open cover” in this definition can be replaced by “cover by subsets of K that are relatively open” (Exercise 2). It is easy to find examples of sets that are not compact. Specifically, the open interval (0, 1) is not compact since if we set Gn = (n−1 , 1), then G = {Gn : n ∈ N} is an open cover of the interval that has no finite subcover. Similarly, R is not compact since {(−n, n) : n ∈ N} is an open cover of R that has no finite subcover.

Clearly, C is a component and contains D. By taking D = {x} in what was just established, we have that every point of X is contained in a component so that the union of all the components is X. 7; so it must be that C = C ∪ D = D by the maximality of C and D. That is, distinct components are disjoint sets. One consequence of the preceding proposition is that the components form a partition of X—they divide the space X into a collection of pairwise disjoint connected sets. The next result says that the components are all closed, the proof of which emphasizes once again that, when discussing relatively open and closed sets, you must be aware of what the universe is.

Fn in F such that K ⊆ = X\ n j=1 Fj . But since each Fj is a subset of K, this = ∅, contradicting the fact that F has the FIP. (b) implies (a). Let G be an open cover of K, and put F = {K\G : G ∈ G}. Since G covers K, {K\G : G ∈ G} = ∅. Thus F cannot have the FIP and there must be a finite number of sets G1 , . . , Gn in G with n ∅ = j=1 (K\Gj ). But this implies that {G1 , . . , Gn } is a finite cover of K. Hence K is compact. 26 1. Metric Spaces (d) implies (c). Assume {xn } is a sequence of distinct points in K.

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