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132. The type should be in the British Museum (Natural History), but Riley and Gabriel did not mention it in their catalogue. Srnka founded his name on the Hewiston figure, the original of which was in the Hewiston collection. One male has been examined from American collections. GENUS OLYRAS DOUBLEDAY Olyras DOUBLEDAY, 1847 (1846-1852), p. 107. Type: Olyras crathis Doubleday and Hewitson, by monotypy. KIRBY, 1871, pp. 19, 640. SCUDDER, 1875, p. 232. GODMAN AND SALVIN, 1879 (18791901), p. 7. STAUDINGER, 1885 (1884-1888), p.

SCHATZ, 1886 (1885-1892), pp. 87, 89. HAASE, 1893, p. 51. HAENSCH AND THIEME, 1899, p. (12). HAENSCH, 1909, p. 117. D'ALMEIDA, 1923, p. 233. BRYK, 1937b, pp. 452-453. Fox, 1940, pp. 165, 170, 173, 176. FORBES, 1941, pp. 2, 3. D'ALMEIDA, 1942, p. 192. Fox, 1949, p. 11. Doubleday's generic diagnosis was complete and to the point. A remarkable historical homogeneity characterizes the literature, and Olyras never has been the center of any confusion. The first joint of the palpus (fig. 46) is closely appressed to the head, deeply curved.

Athyrtis is monotypic and includes three rather variable populations. The first named form, A. m. mechanitis, is found in Colombia (fig. 60); the normal variation in which the The Athyrtis subspecies appear to be common nowhere and to be distributed in small segregated islands of populations. The genitalic structure of the males, as well as the pattern elements, is primitive. This appears to be another relict genus. It is not closely allied to any other living genus, although the pattern of Mechanitis and the genitalia of Xanthocleis show similarities.

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A Monograph of the Ithomiidae Lepidoptera Volume 111: Article 1, Volume 111, Issue 1 by Richard M. . Fox

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