A Photographic Atlas of Rock Breakdown Features in by Mary C. Bourke, Heather A. Viles (Eds.) PDF

By Mary C. Bourke, Heather A. Viles (Eds.)

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A limited number of formal and informal archaeological experiments and ethnographic observations have shed light on the complex set of variables that influence clast fractures (Cotterell and Kamminga, 1987; Dibble and Whittaker, 1981; Speth, 1972; Speth, 1974; Speth, 1975; Speth, 1981). The current state of knowledge allows for a few concrete statements about the relationships between percussion fracture variables. First, all else being equal, lithology will affect the nature of the fracture. Rocks such as chert, flint, rhyolite and basalt are relatively brittle, elastic and homogenous, and are more likely to propagate a percussion fracture.

In addition to these we have identified another thirteen signatures of fluvial transport. Eight of the additional features are related to percussion events. Such features include: percussion-fracture facet, percussion-fracture ridges (distal and proximal), bulb of percussion, radial fissure, undulation, hertzian cone, incipient cone, and termination. Pits, although related to percussion events, are not related to percussion fracture generation and are discussed separately. The remaining features, striations and scratches, potholes, and flutes, are primarily related to abrasion events.

Flow from bottom right to top left. The boulder is approximately 4 m across. Image courtesy of K. Richardson. Figure F26 Large flute on megaclasts, Cunene River, N. Namibia. Image courtesy of M. Bourke. A. C. Alveoli on top of a weathered volcanic boulder in the Atacama Desert, Chile. Note large tafoni at base. Image courtesy of H. Viles. ____________________________________________________________________ A Photographic Atlas of Rock Breakdown Features in Geomorphic Environments, Edited by Mary Bourke & Heather Viles © 2007 Planetary Science Institute, Tucson.

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A Photographic Atlas of Rock Breakdown Features in Geomorphic Environments by Mary C. Bourke, Heather A. Viles (Eds.)

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