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By Gunnar Carlsson (auth.), Gunnar E. Carlsson, Ralph L. Cohen, Wu-Chung Hsiang, John D. S. Jones (eds.)

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In 1989-90 the Mathematical Sciences examine Institute performed a software on Algebraic Topology and its Applications. the most components of focus have been homotopy thought, K-theory, and purposes to geometric topology, gauge concept, and moduli areas. Workshops have been performed in those 3 components. This quantity contains invited, expository articles at the subject matters studied in this application. They describe contemporary advances and aspect to attainable new instructions. they need to end up to be important references for researchers in Algebraic Topology and comparable fields, in addition to to graduate students.

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Moreover as described in [A2] it has the following geometric significance. p = lim 14>(x)1 Ixl--+oo where 4> : JH[3-+5U (2) is the Higgs field. This is essentially because the Higgs field is the difference between the Lie derivative and the covariant derivative along orbits of the S1 - action. At fixed points the Lie derivative is zero and the covariant derivative is given by the representation along the fibers given above. If one restricts the original SU(2) - bundle E-+S4 to the fixed point set S2 one has a chern class C1 = k of the monopole.

We have, in fact that stabilization occurs through dimension at least [(N(Ql) -1)/2] where N(Qt} is the number of Ql'S appearing. Remark. The smallest codimension for a stratum at level k which is not in the image of stabilization from k - 1 is k if k is even and k + 1 if k is odd. The stratum which achieves it has fiber F(2) x ... •• X F(2) if k is odd. These two facts together can now be applied to the spectral sequences of the stratifications of the Mk'S. For this spetral sequence the El-term is the direct sum of the homologies of the Thom complexes of the normal bundles to the strata.

D. Jones, Topological aspects of Yang-Mills theory, Comm. Math. Phys. 61, 97-118. P. C. M. J. Milgram, The topology of instanton moduli spaces I: the Atiyah-Jones conjecture, Ann. of Math. (to appear). P. C. M. J. Milgram, The topology of the space of rational maps into generaized flag manifolds, Preprint, U. of New Mexico. P. M. Mann, Homology operations on instantons, J. Diff. Geom. 28, 423-465. P. M. Mann, Monopoles, non-linear (1 models and two fold loop spaces, Comm. Math. Phys. 115, 571-594.

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Algebraic Topology and Its Applications by Gunnar Carlsson (auth.), Gunnar E. Carlsson, Ralph L. Cohen, Wu-Chung Hsiang, John D. S. Jones (eds.)

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