New PDF release: America in Vietnam: Illusion, Myth and Reality

By Guenter Lewy

ISBN-10: 0195023919

ISBN-13: 9780195023916

1978 publication on the USA in Vietnam.

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89 The text of this resolution did not fall into American hands until years later, but evidence of a new aggressiveness on the part of the VC was all too apparent in early 1964. Government control of rural territory was shrinking while South Vietnamese morale was sagging. Frustrated over lack of progress in the South, decision-makers in Washington became increasingly more sympathetic to the idea of attacking what appeared to be the source of the trouble, North Vietnam. Pressure for hitting North Vietnam with air power came primarily from the JCS.

Paul D. Harkins. Both Westmoreland and Lodge favored some new vigorous American military commitment such as air strikes against Laos or North Vietnam in order to put new confidence into the South Vietnamese leadership. Premier Khanh himself argued strongly for the bombing of the North, and the JCS, too, kept up the pressure for an early beginning of such a bombing campaign. S. S. 98 "I was determined, from the time I became President," Johnson recalls in his memoirs, "to seek the fullest support of Congress for any major action that I took.

60 In October Kennedy sent his military adviser, Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor, on a fact-finding tour to Vietnam. S. intent to resist a communist take-over. The introduction of this force was to be related to flood relief; it was to consist of engineering and logistical units. The military advisory effort, Taylor recommended, should be shifted "to something nearer—but not quite—an operational headquarters in a theater of war. . S. S. commit itself to the clear objective of preventing the fall of South Vietnam to communism: The basic means for accomplishing this objective must be to put the Government of South Vietnam into a position to win its own war against the guerillas.

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