An Introduction to the Kähler-Ricci Flow - download pdf or read online

By Sebastien Boucksom, Philippe Eyssidieux, Vincent Guedj

ISBN-10: 3319008188

ISBN-13: 9783319008189

This quantity collects lecture notes from classes provided at a number of meetings and workshops, and offers the 1st exposition in e-book kind of the fundamental concept of the Kähler-Ricci move and its present cutting-edge. whereas a number of first-class books on Kähler-Einstein geometry can be found, there were no such works at the Kähler-Ricci circulation. The ebook will function a worthy source for graduate scholars and researchers in complicated differential geometry, complicated algebraic geometry and Riemannian geometry, and may with a bit of luck foster additional advancements during this interesting sector of research.

The Ricci move used to be first brought by way of R. Hamilton within the early Eighties, and is crucial in G. Perelman’s celebrated evidence of the Poincaré conjecture. whilst really good for Kähler manifolds, it turns into the Kähler-Ricci stream, and decreases to a scalar PDE (parabolic advanced Monge-Ampère equation).
As a spin-off of his leap forward, G. Perelman proved the convergence of the Kähler-Ricci stream on Kähler-Einstein manifolds of optimistic scalar curvature (Fano manifolds). almost immediately after, G. Tian and J. tune chanced on a posh analogue of Perelman’s principles: the Kähler-Ricci circulation is a metric embodiment of the minimum version software of the underlying manifold, and flips and divisorial contractions imagine the position of Perelman’s surgeries.

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R lying below u which is non-increasing with respect to t and convex with respect to x. u/. u/. 2 (Representation formula I). u/ coincides with u is called the contact set; it is denoted by Cu . g. [HUL]. 44 C. Imbert and L. 3. t; x/ in the contact set Cu of u. t; / at x. e. e. contact points, . t; x//. t; x//: The proof of the following elementary lemma is left to the reader. 4. a; b/ ! e. 6 below). 5 (Representation formula II). ti0 ; xi0 /; i D 1; : : : d C 1g. Q Proof. 38). u/ lies below u and is non-increasing with respect to t and convex with respect to x.

1; 0/ ! 17. Recall the definitions of K1 , K2 and K3 (see Fig. 2). 0; R2 / . R2 ; 1/ . 3R; 3R/d ; . 3R; 3R/d : The proof of the lemma above consists in constructing the function more or less explicitly. It is an elementary computation. However, it is an important feature of non divergence type equations that this type of computations can be made. Consider in contrast the situation of parabolic equations with measurable coefficients in divergence form. 16 would be significantly harder to obtain.

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