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By Michel Serres

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While marriage may not seem a very independent goal, one analyst describes it as a far-reaching political decision. ”10 Some heroines achieve marriage in their quest (as some modern women still do), but others rescue family or slay monsters, showing interest in a wider circle. The recurring theme is a completed family, a goal which heroines risk life and health to achieve. The man’s task is often to conquer and rule, as with Jason, Perseus, and Theseus from Greek mythology. This, of course, reflects the archetypal quest to find a career, win battles, and assume the father’s throne.

Disney’s evil witches are voluptuous, uninhibited, and brutal. They daringly wear black and violet, disdaining Snow White’s childish puffed sleeves and hair ribbons. But they are the real queens, masters of magic. The princess needs these skills to marry and rule. In the Roman “Cupid and Psyche,” the most startling aspect is Venus’s debut as one of the first recorded evil stepmothers. The divine goddess of love and beauty turns into a spiteful, competitive shrew when confronted with another beautiful woman.

Further, the highly developed animus connects the woman with her spiritual side, making her even more receptive to her own creativity. Thus, the heroine, as well as the hero, obtains the mystical feminine energy that offers endless emotion, sympathy, nature, magic, insight, and perception. For both, this integration leads to maturity and wholeness on the journey to adulthood. C HAPTER 2 Sleeping Beauty’s Chrysalis: The Refusal of the Call Brünnhild and the Ring of the Nibelung (Germany) Bold and wise, Brünnhild was daughter to Father-god Wotan and the Earth-mother Erda.

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