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By Neal R. O’Brien, Roger M. Slatt (auth.)

ISBN-10: 1461234220

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They are common in organic rich shales and give clues to geochemical and microfabric conditions. Rickard indicates the spheroidal shape may be due to pseudomorphism of a pre-existing spherical body. It may represent replacement of an immiscible organic liquid globule by iron sulfide or infilling by microcrystalline pyrite of spherical gaseous vacuoles or even by pseudomorphism of single-celled microorganisms. Framboid morphology is also attributed to pyritization of microflora (Javor and Mountjoy, 1976).

The organism may have quickly stopped tunneling and retreated vertically, digging another escape burrow in the overlying safer, more oxygenated sediment. Notice the abrupt tum in the lower segment of the burrow. ). What is clear, however, is that burrowing did not proceed into the anoxic sediment of the black mud because of restricted conditions. This example illustrates that macro- and micro-fabric analysis provides another way to view the details of geological history.

PARTlClE ORIENTATlON IS STIll RANDOM -/::::;-~ I-l,-C <;> 4. _ . /;::"- ~_ ~~ 0. (\ ::.. 6 ');_ -r = ..... ~-/...... ' OVERBURDEN PRES SURE REORIEtmI REMAININO CLI. Y INTO PARAllEL POSITlON C~ IN SHALE * models modified after Rickard (1970, p. 289) 32 PYRITE FRAMBOIDS c B D 33 FECAL PELLETS This section illustrates another microfabric feature of argillaceous rocks - fecal pellets. Although not common, when present in shale they may be recognized because their more random fabric contrasts to that of the enclosing shale.

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Argillaceous Rock Atlas by Neal R. O’Brien, Roger M. Slatt (auth.)

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