New PDF release: Arjunawijaya: A Kakawin of Mpu Tantular

By S. Supomo (auth.), S. Supomo (eds.)

ISBN-10: 9024719364

ISBN-13: 9789024719365

ISBN-10: 9401749639

ISBN-13: 9789401749633

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He thm refers to his task as amar1Ja kakawin (Arj. 73,la; Sut. 148,lb), akirim kakawin (Arj. 74,5a), miketa n parwâtemah pădika (1,4e), anracana parwacarita (74,2a), aniket palamban (73,2a), aniMt pralapita (74,4a), anapi lano (73,2a), amanun lano (74,5c) and, perhaps, anituni panjrah in sekar (74,2d), all of whieh can be rendered, more OI' Iess, as 'composing a poem'. TIris being the case, we may take it for granted that at Ieast some of the ehanges are necessitated by the need to render a prose work into a poem.

G. g. g. 1,13c; cf. 2,3a; 1O,3a; 15,1c); likewise len tekan, hana n kadi, sansipta, tan war'(tan, byatitan. Even honorific prefixes or titles are often treated in the same way. , as of most of the later kakawin, are Sragdhara, Jagaddhita and Sardulawikr'i<;lita, which between them account for almost half of the number of cantos in the whole poem (see List of the Metres). Linguistically, the popularity of these three metres among the Old Javanese poets is rather peculiar, because these metres, with 23, 21 and 19 syllables to the line respectively, are much longer than the average 'cola' /3 which usually consist of 6 to 12 syllables.

S 35,26). R at this rime is upstream, paying homage to the linga statue with alI the demon army (41,6 = S 25,19). The islet where R is sojouming is flooded (41,7 ef. i (41,9). The demons retum (42,1 = S 26,11) and inform him of the cause of the flood (42,2-3 ef. S 26,12). R wishes to attack A at once, but Prahasta advises him not to attack (42,4 cf. S 26,13); Prahasta extols A's virtues (42,5) and those of A's vassals (42,6-7). R boasts that he will sIay A (43,1) and boasts of his might (43,2-3).

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