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Endemic and provincial distributions. This group includes taxa whose geographical distribution is limited both latitudinally and longitudinally. Examples from the Jurassic are well known, such as the restriction of Bouleiceras to a Mediterraneaneast African 'Ethiopian' Province (Hallam 19676; Howarth 1973a); recognition of Boreal, sub-Boreal, sub-Mediterranean, Mediterranean, Indo-Malagasy, Cuban, and Pacific Provinces in the Middle Jurassic (Cariou 1973), or Mediterranean, Himalayan (Indo-Pacific), and Ethiopian Provinces of the Tithonian (Enay 1973).

However, in North America it is only known from Mexico, Texas, and California; and its absence from the Western Interior and Alaska does not appear to reflect collection failure. Absence of records from west Greenland and Antarctica reflect the absence of sediments of suitable ages; apparent absence from New Zealand and South America may be a result of poor knowledge of Middle Cenomanian faunas of these regions. Pandemic occurrences are a result of one or a combination of several of the factors TEXT-FIG.

A r e c o n s t r u c t i o n o f the C a m p a n i a n n o s t o c e r a t i d h e t e r o m o r p h s Didymoceras ( M e e k a n d H a y d e n ) a n d D. nebrascense ( M e e k a n d H a y d e n ) , b a s e d o n material f r o m the Pierre S h a l e o f C o l o r a d o (after S c o t t a n d C o b b a n 1965). 4. Ammonites possessed variable powers of locomotion. Some forms may have been capable of rapid jet-propulsion, as in coleoids; in most, however, this must have been an occasional escape mechanism, if developed at all.

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