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The moment a farmer delineates a tract of land and separates it from the contiguous area by arbitrary boundaries Spatial Variability, Mapping Methods, Image Analysis and Pixels – 19 and establishing fields, he is changing the pre-existing environmental order. Man-influenced landscapes normally display more regular patterns than natural landscapes do. e. over various spatial dimensions. Landscape features vary in size by several orders of magnitude, from continents at one extreme to particles of sand or clay at the other.

Support is the physical size of a single measurement. When we increase the support of our measurements, the variability of the measurements decreases because the spatial variability of our subject inside the area on which we measure increases. Regularization is the measurement of averages over larger areas. 7 – A user-defined Epsilon band is drawn along the spectral signature and used to separate spectral homogeneous image sections from heterogeneous image parts. Spatial Variability, Mapping Methods, Image Analysis and Pixels – 33 Atkinson (1999), and dealt with extensively by Journel and Huijbregts (1983).

5 for – the contribution of the spectral and spatial rule resembles. 0 for – will result in a SSC classification that is purely based on spectral information. The SSC method is tested and evaluated on a study area in southern France comprising an agricultural area of mainly vineyards and a natural vegetated area consisting of an open, complex Mediterranean shrub vegetation. Classification improvements for the agricultural area were modest but for the natural region the classification results improved significantly.

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