New PDF release: At the Nuclear Precipice: Catastrophe or Transformation?

By Edited by Richard A. Falk By (author) David Krieger

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Geschichte Des Unendlichkeitsproblems Im Abendlandischen Denken Bis Kant (1896)

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Micronukes" with an explosive yield of about 10 tons of TNT • "mininukes" with an explosive yield of about 100 tons of TNT • "tinynukes" with an explosive yield of about 1,000 tons of TNT 26 • CHRISTOPHER G. WEERAMANTRY 13. It is fundamental to this entire discussion that any conflict of the future in which nuclear weapons are used will be totally unlike Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where there was the certainty that there would be no nuclear response. The next nuclear weapon wherever used will draw a nuclear response and this means further retaliation, multiple nuclear exchanges, a nuclear winter, and all the dreaded scenarios so often predicted of the extinction of organized life as we know it.

The process of transformation is not something that will commence in the corridors of power. We, the citizenry of the world, need to transform our attitudes and carry that transformation with conviction to the corridors of power. As Mahatma Gandhi taught in so many ways, the process of transformation of society begins with transforming ourselves. Carrying our convictions to the decision makers requires a considerable effort on the part of international lawyers in particular. The first step is to alert the citizenry of the world to the grim reality that their present attitude of resignation leads inevitably to the destruction of themselves, their civilization, their children, and all that they hold dear.

Jeffrey T. S. Intelligence Community, 2nd ed. (New York: Ballinger, 1989), pp. 167-197. 30. Nucleus, 14/6/1978; Burleson, C. , "The Day the Bomb Fell," Great Britain (1980), pp. 227-245. 31. P. 32. war/experience/the. html. 33. asp#fact8. 34. State of the World, Issue 287, February 1997, New Internationalist, http://www. html. asp#fact8. CHAPTER 2 Still Standing at the Nuclear Precipice after All These Years: Why? S. atomic attacks on innocent civilians. Let me repeat that: ... the illegal and barbaric United States atomic attacks on innocent civilians.

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At the Nuclear Precipice: Catastrophe or Transformation? by Edited by Richard A. Falk By (author) David Krieger

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