New PDF release: Before the Fall-Out: From Marie Curie to Hiroshima

By Diana Preston

In 1898, Marie Curie first defined a phenomenon she known as "radioactivity." A half-century later, physicists may stand ahead of sunrise within the New Mexico barren region, slathering themselves with sunscreen-and fearing that the upcoming attempt detonation may ignite Earth's surroundings in a cataclysmic chain response and remodel our planet right into a burning star.

This is the epic tale of Curie's quest to unencumber the secrets and techniques of the cloth international; of the scientists-Rutherford, Bohr, Einstein, Oppenheimer-who equipped upon her paintings; of the day the 1st weapon of mass destruction dropped on Hiroshima, bringing either unexpected terror and unexpected peace, and of the hot period of world uncertainty that emerged in its wake. With the readability of significant technological know-how writing, the vividness of historic narrative and the perception of biography, Before the Fallout is an unforgettable and sweeping account of the medical discovery that modified the area.


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At a meeting of the Physical Society chaired by Rutherford the subject for debate was 'The existence of bodies smaller than an atom'. Soddy's paper, 'Chemical evidence of the indivisibility of the atom', lambasted physicists such as J. J. Thomson for unjustifiably attacking classical atomic theory. Soddy's 'A RABBIT FROM THE ANTIPODES' 59 passion surprised Rutherford but, impressed by his intellect, he invited him to collaborate on examining the mysterious thorium emanation. Soddy agreed, recognizing in Rutherford 'an indefatigable investigator guided by an unerring instinct for the relevant and important'.

They began work in October 1901 and soon proved that the emanation was not merely the result of some disturbance of the air caused by the radioactivity in thorium. The emanation was an inert gas - one without active chemical properties - which would not react or combine with anything. The evidence suggested it was another element, and this moment of discovery was awesome. ' Rutherford replied,' "For Mike's sake, Soddy, don't call it transmutation. They'll have our heads off as alchemists. ' Rutherford urged Soddy to call their discovery not 'transmutation' but 'transformation'.

The hangar lacked any proper ventilation so, unless it was raining, Marie performed her chemical treatments in the courtyard to avoid breathing in the noxious fumes. By the time the work was complete she had shed nearly 42 BEFORE THE FALL-OUT fourteen pounds in weight. However, there were compensations. As Marie later recalled, 'Our precious products . . ' As the work progressed, with Pierre helping to interpret and present their results, the Central Society of Chemical Products offered Marie facilities to carry out the early stages of purification on a more industrial scale.

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