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Amino terminal ends of H2A and H2B are also thought to be bound to DNA, as suggested by evidence from trypsin digestion (Weintraub and Van Lente, 1974) and n m r (cf. Bradbury and Crane-Robinson, 1971) experi- 42 E. M. Johnson and V. G. Allfrey ments. These histones are constituents of the nucleosome core (Kornberg and Thomas, 1974; Simpson and Bustin, 1976), although reconstitution of DNA with H2A and H2B alone does not result in formation of an approximately 140 base-pair nuclease-resistant segment as does reconstitution of DNA with H3 and H4 (Camerini-Otero et al, 1976; Sollner-Webb et al, 1976).

All these results are consistent with an increase in acetylation of adrenal histones after ACTH administration; the reduction in charge of the lysine residues would account for the changes in acid dye binding, and the release of associated DNA sequences would permit increased binding of AO. G. ALTERATIONS IN HISTONE ACETYLATION INDUCED BY DRUGS Drugs that influence RNA synthesis also modify the balance between histone acetylation and deacetylation. Following are three examples. (a) The administration of phénobarbital or 3-methylcholanthrene to rats leads to a marked elevation in the activity of the hepatic microsomal mixed 1.

1977), but it is not yet clear whether removal of all four of the acetyl groups on histones H4 can be accomplished by a single enzyme. There is good evidence for the heterogeneity of the histone deacetylases; some are chromatographically separable (Inoue and Fujimoto, 1972; Kikuchi and Fujimoto, 1973; Kaneta and Fujimoto, 1974) and some preparations are unable to deacetylate chromatin-bound histones, while others have this ability (Kaneta and Fujimoto, 1974). , 1972), a finding in accord with numerous observations that the rate of histone deacetylation is under physiological control (Pogo et al, 1967, 1968; Boffa et al, 1971; Candido and Dixon, 1972c; Wangh et al, 1972; Louie et al, 1973; Sanders et al, 1973; RuizC a r r i h W al, 1974, 1975, 1976).

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