Black Light: Perspectives on Mysterious Phenomena by William J. Grabowski PDF

By William J. Grabowski

ISBN-10: 097496283X

ISBN-13: 9780974962832

An exploration of anomalous aerial phenomena (popularly often called UFOs), and what seem to be linked effects--"entity" sightings and obvious interactions; "poltergeist" job; extraordinary electromagnetic intrusions regarding phones, TVs, pcs, or even our minds. mentioning either ancient and present-day money owed, Grabowski humanizes disturbing--occasionally shocking--material through by no means ignoring its influence on witnesses. a real unknown element at the back of our lives...and speculations that we're jointly taking part with it, projecting goals, melancholy, terror, and wish onto what may be eventually published because the motive force at the back of evolution--physical, religious, and social. "[BLACK gentle] is a heck of a section of work!" --George Knapp, Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter (KLAS/CBS-TV)

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The genesis of the TNT Area is suspicious, given post-WWII anomalous activity. “Animal experimentation” took place there. Why? Certainly, even between 1942-1945 (when TNT was alive), no one would have been lining up livestock on the firing-range. So what could have necessitated their presence? 4. Some of the 100 igloos were later leased to Mason County government. S. Powder Co. and the LFC Chemical concern. A few were leased to American Cyanamid. From Nick Redfern’s and Andy Robert’s Strange Secrets: Real Government Files on the Unknown [4]: “During the summer of 1947, the FBI also interviewed one Edwin M.

This was no joke. The couples headed directly for the police station on Main Street, and gave a statement. None of them had any history as troublemakers—quite the opposite. During their terrifying experience, they noticed a dead dog on the roadside. What they didn’t know was that the previous night a man living near Salem, WV, had set his dog upon some dark figure with fiery red eyes. Newell Partridge never saw his trusty German shepherd—Bandit—again. Later, accompanied by Point Pleasant Deputy Halstead, the couples drove back the 7 miles to the TNT [2] area.

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