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By Augustine Funnell, Kelly Freas

ISBN-10: 0373720394

ISBN-13: 9780373720392

Laser Books August 1976 free up. unique technological know-how fiction novels, 3 novels have been issued per 30 days starting August 1975 until eventually the road folded in February 1977.

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I do," Brandyjack said slowly. " Brandyjack paused for a moment, thoughtful. "Look," he said at last, "you take this ale back to the wagons and wait there for us. " "I can't carry these kegs that far," Benjamin protested. "No, I suppose you can't. Nevertheless, when I return to the wagons I expect the ale to be waiting. How you get it there is your concern, and I'll offer no assistance save to ram both kegs down your throat right now. " Muttering obscenities, Benjamin lifted one keg to his shoulder and waited while Brandyjack lifted the other keg for him.

Brandyjack shrugged. If they didn't care… "Okay," Thoruso said to Pier and Evans, "start toward the wall. " He handed two of the burning strips he'd used at the computers building to Evans and Pier. Cautiously, they took the things and moved away, Pier starting for an area that would place him to the left of the gate, Evans walking in the opposite direction. Thoruso watched them for a few seconds, then nodded to Brandyjack and Reed. Brandyjack walked to the corner of the building he'd been at moments earlier with Thoruso and Benjamin, then, inhaling deeply, walked out into the open, followed immediately by Reed.

Brandyjack turned to look at the bartender who was standing directly in front of him. " the bartender asked. Brandyjack nodded. " The bartender squinted his eyes slightly, then walked away to serve a group of men and women at a table. Occasionally laughter, loud and raucous, broke the general hubbub of the room, but mostly there was gruff cursing and rowdy arguments. Brandyjack considered the opportunities for conversation at the bar, then moved down to the man on his left. "Evenin' " Brandyjack said, carefully removing from his tone all signs of friendly overtures.

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Brandyjack (Laser #39) by Augustine Funnell, Kelly Freas

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